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micro weight, electro glider


The newest development of A.I.R. is revolutionary! The foldable electric powered. nearly noiseless ultralight-aircraft is based on the proven Atos hanggliding wings! With 3-axes-steering, real elevator, retractable landing gear and propeller, as well as an sleek closed cockpit you will enjoy to expand your cross country flights. It can be easily transported on car or in a trailer and built up by one man in aproximate 15 minutes like a hangglider.



Experienced hanggliding XC-pilots who wants to make longer tracks with thermal
and the warrenty to come back home!
Glider pilots who prefer independence combined with the safety of a self launching glider and a favourable price!



Retractable landing gear and propeller
rescue system J
unkers Magnum 300
2 x LiPo Akku 68AH 58V
Engine Geiger HD16 (16KW)


Wing span 14,5m
Empty weight 120kg
Max. take off weight (MTOW) 260kg
Load 50-125kg
Vne 140km/h
Vmin sink 0,65m/s
Best glide ratio 1:28 at 75km/h

Expected certification microlight / 120kg class


logo Atos Wing.png
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